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  Stretching roughly 4,184 kilometers from Tibet to the South China Sea, the sinuous1 Mekong is the thread2 that connects Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan(China). It is the longest river in Southeast Asia. Many of the communities along the Mekong continue to live as they have for hundreds of years. The Chinese view the Mekong注1 as a vital3 energy source. Using the river as your guide is the best way to witness the diverse cultures in their most intact4 form.
  Yunnan, China
  Yunnan is a showpiece5 of China’s many natural wonders―rugged6, wild, and ancient. The legendary7 stories come alive in the snowy peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the unfathomably8 deep abyss9 of Tiger Leaping Gorge10, and the imagination inspiring11 limestone12 columns of the Stone Forest. Yunnan is one of the most ethnically13 diverse provinces in Asia. The province shares a western boarder with Myanmar, and a southern border with Laos and Vietnam.
   Bagan, Myanmar
   With a population of 51 million, Myanmar is one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia. The country is a union of over 100 national races with their own languages and dialects14. Much like Siem Reap in Cambodia, the small town of Bagan, close to an archaeological15 site, is destined16 to develop rapidly as a tourist haunt. Bagan is the main tourist attraction in Myanmar―one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia. This vast site can be explored intricately17 for more than a week. In the early 11th century, Bagan was the world center of Theravada Buddhism注2 ,with more than 13,000 pagodas18 covering the plains bordered on both sides by the Ayeyarwady River. But the city fell to the invasion19 of Kublai Khan’s hordes20 in 1287 and was abandoned21, leaving only 3,000 pagodas remaining in the midst of the Mongol22 destruction.
  Luang Prabang, Laos
  Laos has a rich history stretching back 10,000 years. Here Buddhism permeates23 every facet24 of life. Our first impression of this country is that the people go to bed very early. Change comes slowly―the land of mountain, mists 25 and untamed 26 natural beauty tempts with unrivalled 27 peace and serenity 28.
  It’s hard to imagine a town as magical as Luang Prabang―it was the first capital of Laos and has somehow managed to remain unscathed 29 by war and modernization. The ancient capital wakes up every day to the sound of bells, gongs 30 and drums from the local temples which send the monks on their morning rounds. Luang Prabang has around 1,000 resident monks who make the circuit31 around the town each morning to collect rice for their daily meal. This former royal capital is the perfect location for spiritual contemplation. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, the town center is dominated32 by 33 temples and has a long history as a center for the study of Buddhism.
   Nong Khai, Thailand
   The Mekong River flows from Thailand’s top ―the Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand touch―to its northeast border, where Nong Khai is located. Nong Khai is one of the northeastern provinces of Thailand. The province is located in the valley of the Mekong River, which also forms the boundary33 with Laos. To the south it has some highlands. Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is only 25km away from Nong Khai.
  The Golden Triangle is where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet across the Mekong River. It was once a notorious34 center of the opium trade35 but today the area is full of beautiful, natural scenery and ancient temples. Many tourists flock36 to the Golden Triangle region of Thailand for some“Wild west” scenery. Thailand can be a pleasantly overwhelming37 experience.
  Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  Everybody knows Angkor but Cambodia doesn’s end there. A broad range of activities enable visitors to pull back the curtain and discover the depth of the country’s true beauty. Take the Mekong River as it snakes through the heart of the country, its banks becoming a showcase for Cambodian life. Like Vientiane, Phnom Penh is another capital that the Mekong River flows past. Phnom Penh is a city that retains a colonial38 French charm despite its violent past. Wat Phnom is impressive. The hilltop pagoda gave the city its name. Wat Phnom is a symbol of the capital city Phnom Penh.
  The beautiful and extensive temple ruins at Angkor, now a UNESCO Heritage site, represent39 the glorious Khmer civilization40 and one of the most spectacular41 historical sites in Asia. The incredible temple complex, which lay forgotten beneath the jungle for centuries, dates back to the 12th century and represents one of the world’s most remarkable architectural achievements.
  Mekong Delta, Vietnam
  Vietnam has two big deltas, the Red River Delta in the north and the Mekong Delta in the south. Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, lies on the banks of the Red River, about 100km from its mouth. The Mekong Delta region is formed by the various tributaries42 of the mighty43 Mekong River. The land of the Mekong Delta is renowned for its richness. It produces enough rice to feed the entire country with a sizeable44 surplus45 left over. Take a sampan46 ride that meanders47 through small villages and experience the simple lives of the Mekong people. It’s fun to bargain at local floating markets where hawkers48 sell a variety of fruit and vegetables on boats.
  Being the capital of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Can Tho is a thriving49 metropolis50 with huge streets. The center of Can Tho is quite busy and noisy with motorized cyclos51 roaring52 up and down the streets combined with throngs53 of people going about their lives.
  Deep in history and rich in culture, this trip is one of the last travel frontiers54 with stunning55 natural beauty and incredible cultural diversity. There is a more urgent reason to visit the Mekong now as life along the river is set to change rapidly. It’s a wonderful experience to float along the Mekong River which provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the lush56 vegetation of the Mekong Delta and to sample local cuisine57.
   众人皆知吴哥窟,但柬埔寨值得一游的绝不止这一个地方。一系列丰富多彩的活动让游客可以拉开幕帘,发掘这个国家真正的魅力。到湄公河去游一趟吧,因为它蜿蜒地穿过柬埔寨的中心,河两岸展现了柬埔寨人的生活。与万象一样,金边是湄公河流经的另一个首都。尽管拥有一段暴戾的历史,金边是一个保留着法国殖民色彩的魅力城市。神殿金塔山更让人印象深刻。金边的名字便来自于山顶的佛塔。神殿金塔山是首都金边的标志。 吴哥窟美丽广阔的庙宇遗址现已成为联合国教科文组织的世界文化遗产,它象征着辉煌的高棉文明,是亚洲最壮观的历史遗址之一。令人叹为观止的古庙群在丛林下被掩埋了数个世纪,以致被世人所遗忘,其历史可追溯到12世纪,是世界上最有名的建筑学成就之一。
  1)sinuous a.蜿蜒的
  2)thread n.线
  3)vital a.生命的,所必需的
  4)intact a.完整无缺的
  5)showpiece n.展出品
  6)rugged a.高低不平的
  7)legendary a.传说的
  8)unfathomably a.深不可测的
  9)abyss n.深渊
  10)gorge n.峡谷
  11)inspiring a.鼓舞的
  12)limestone n.石灰石
  13)ethnically ad.种族上
  14)dialect n.方言
  15)archaeological a.考古学的
  16)destine v.注定
  17)intricately ad.精致的
  18)pagoda n.宝塔
  19)invasion n.入侵
  20)horde n.游牧部落
  21)abandon v.放弃
  22)Mongol n.蒙古人
  23)permeate v.弥漫
  24)facet n.方面
  25)mist n.薄雾
  26)untamed a.未被驯服的
  27)unrivalled a.至高无上的
  28)serenity n.平静
  29)unscathed a.未受伤的
  30)gong n.铜锣
  31)circuit n.巡回,周游
  32)dominate v支配,控制
  33)boundary n. 分界线,边界,范围
  34)notorious a. 声名狼藉的,臭名昭著的
  35)opium trade 贩毒
  36)flock v. 聚集,成群而行
  37)overwhelm v. 压倒,淹没,受打击
  38)colonial a. 殖民地的,殖民的
  39)represent v. 表现,代表
  40)civilization n. 文明,文化
  41)spectacular a. 壮观的,惊人的
  42)tributary n. 支流
  43)mighty a. 强有力的
  44)sizeable a. 大的,相当大的
  45)surplus n. 过剩,剩余
  46)sampan n. 舢板,小船
  47)meander n. 漫步,曲流(常用复数)
  48)hawker n. 叫卖小贩,饲鹰者
  49)thriving a. 旺盛的,繁荣的
  50)metropolis n. 首府,大都市,重要中心
  51)cyclo n. 三轮车
  52)roaring v. 怒吼,咆哮
  53)throng n. 人群,众多
  54)frontier n. 边界,国境,前沿
  55)stun v. 打昏,使震惊
  56)lush a. 丰富的,豪华的
  57)cuisine n. 烹饪,烹调法

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