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   In the middle of lunch, I got a phone call. “Sir, I’ve got a special package for you.” “Special package? Um, OK, I’ll come down to get it.”
   “This is for you,” the slim, twenty-something guy said with a mischievous smile. “Who is it from?” “It’s from an anonymous friend.” Actually, in all my excitement I couldn’t tell if he said “friend” or “friends” but it didn’t matter. With radiant joy for having kind friends, I took a peek inside the box. “Thank you.” The kid rushed off as if his 007 mission was accomplished.
   Inside the box―guess what? T-shirts. Lots of them, I thought about 25-30 of them. Each T-shirt had the same kind of “smile” written on it, the way each smile card has, and a happy face. At the bottom of the box, there was a note“Please send out these‘smiles’.”
   It was awesome. So awesome that my mind started racing about who could have pulled off the incredible tag.
   With a big brown box in hand, I waited for the elevator to come down thinking who I could send the “smiles” to.
   Just then, a man on a wheelchair blasted in from the other door. A heavy set, Filipino guy with a bandana on his head; he seemed a little aggressive as if he was in the middle of a bad day. As I looked down toward his wheelchair, while still cradling the large box of T-shirts, he asked,“Hey, how are you doing?” The elevator showed up. Both of us jumped in, along with a third person, and continued the conversation.
   “Good,” I replied, still wondering about the T-shirt culprit.“Creating some trouble?” the man in the wheelchair asked. It was an awkward greeting, but I just played it off― “Nah, just trying to bring some smiles in the world.” There was a moment of awkward silence and then I pulled out a T-shirt from the box―“See this? Someone just dropped it off anonymously. It says‘smile’. See?” He couldn’t help but smile.
   Ding. Second floor. As my wheelchair friend was about to leave, I spontaneously asked:
  “Hey, can I give you one?” For a second, he was a little flustered. A gift from someone he had known for exactly two floors? “Sure, but that’s not my size,” he said while recalling the sample medium sized T-shirt I just saw.
   “Well, you know what, I think there might be other sizes in here too,” I mumbled while holding the elevator door with one hand and rummaging through the blue cotton tees with my other hand. “Yeah, ok, there’s medium. Ummmmm, oh yeah, there’s a large too. Oh, and I see extra-large I think.”
   “So do you work a lot with kids?” he asked.
  “Well, not professionally. But I myself feel like a kid most of the time, so I can relate,” I said with a smile while still hunting down a large-size for my new friend.
   “No, you know what? Can you give me the medium? I know just the right person who I can give this to.” “Oh, really, you mean paying-it-forward? Rock on.” I handed him a medium shirt.
   By this time, the man on the wheelchair was smiling big. He wasn’t wearing his shirt, but he was surely wearing the “smile”.
   And I supposed that was exactly the point. Wear smiles.
   I rushed into our apartment and told my wife, “Wait till you see this.” Just like that, our lunch conversation became a “who did it?” investigation with heartfelt joy. We started throwing out names, we decoded the label on the box, we looked up our caller-id history to trace some usual suspects. After twenty minutes of looking for clues and coming up with our hot-list, we arrived at the second question with a child-like glee: “oh-my-god, what are we going to do with these tees? We gotta think of something really cool.”
   Wear smiles. That’s what I thought of when I saw that box of blue smile T-shirts, when I remembered my wheelchair friend in the elevator and when I thought of the kindness warriors that went through the trouble to make our day in such an incredible way.
   Thank you, to whoever you are!
   (陈民扬 供稿)

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